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Your home is your most valuable asset, so why not protect it from the one pest that can turn your home into a financial nightmare. No property is completely safe from invading termites and according to State Forestry research 1 in 4 homes encounter evidence of timber pest activity or damage costing Australian home owners millions of dollars each year.

Home and contents insurance will not cover the repair costs of any termite damage so, it is up to you the home owner for peace of mind to implement a maintenance program or carry out simple steps to reduce the risk of termite attack to your property.

To start with a Visual Timber Pest Inspection which is compliant to Termite Inspections Australian Standards should be carried out followed by regular 6-12 monthly inspections to detect early termite attack before they cause significant damage.

EC Morelli licenced pest inspectors are the premium choice with over 25 years experience. Our Inspectors are very passionate about their chosen profession and are 100% committed to providing a thorough and accurate inspection. They have a sound knowledge of the suburban areas we service and their attention to detail makes them a leader in their field.

Tramex Moisture Meters

What you can expect from our Visual Timber Pest Inspections

  • Utilisation of modern detection devices such as tramex moisture meters and a Thermal Imaging Inspection for termites can be carried out on request.
  • We will report on visual termite activity, termite damage, borers & timber decay.
  • A thorough visual inspection of internal areas, roof space, external areas, subfloor areas, outbuildings, fences & areas or structures within 30 metres of the main building & the sites boundaries.
  • Instant verbal report. The inspector can inform you of his findings on completion prior to distribution of your formal report which is detailed and easy to read.
  • Advice on termite management programs. The inspector on request will provide information on the most suitable termite management for your home.
  • Advice on reducing the risk of termite attack. There are so many ways  to reduce conducive conditions for termite attack and the inspector will highlight the areas of your property that need attention.

Recommendations on reducing the risk of termite attack to your property.

  • Regular 6-12 monthly visual timber pest inspections to the property for early detection of termite attack.
  • Remove all untreated timber from around the property such as untreated fences, timber garden sleepers, decks, stairs and timber structures. Untreated timbers where possible should be replaced with termite resistant materials.
  • Termites are attracted to moisture therefore, it is important to rectify any plumbing leaks. Majority of hot water systems, water tanks and air conditioning units release water alongside or near external walls. Overflow pipes should be diverted into suitable drains or at least place a container underneath overflow.
  • Connect downpipes and gutters to storm water drains to prevent water and moisture build up to ground areas.
  • If you own a home constructed on a complete slab ensure concrete slab edges to the perimeter of your home or outbuildings remain visible for inspection purposes. Raised external soil areas, gardens or stored goods against external walls covering the slab edge inspection zone can lead to undetected termite entry.
  • If you own a home constructed on bearers and joists it is important to remove any scrap timber or timber formwork from the subfloor area. The subfloor area must be well ventilated to allow the cross flow of air. There are ways to improve subfloor ventilation such as using common mesh vents and replacing subfloor access doors with steel frame and mesh doors. Subfloor fans can also be installed to assist with ventilation. Click here for more information on improving Ventilation.
  • Timber post of  pergolas, carports etc should be erected on steel stirrups to break timber contact with ground areas.
  • Inground termite monitoring stations can be installed to the perimeter of the dwelling and/or outbuildings to intercept termites that may be foraging around your property. Click here for more information on Termite Baiting & Monitoring.

Although, Visual Timber Pest Inspections do not stop termite entry, early detection can limit the amount of timber damage they can do to your home so, don’t delay any longer and call EC Morelli to carry out your Visual Timber Pest Inspection today or simply complete the free quote form below and we will contact you.

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