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There are over 60 species of spiders in Australia. Most of these spiders are not known to be lethal, other than the funnel-web and red back, but bites can cause severe pain and swelling in some cases.

We have provided chart of the all the common spiders found in and around your home. Please down load the chart and keep it in a safe place.

Here is a list of the most asked about spiders:

  • Red back spiders (Male & Female)
  • White tailed spiders
  • Black House Spiders
  • Huntsmen Spiders
  • Funnel Web Spiders (Male & female)
  • Wolf Spiders.
  • Trap Door Spiders
  • Mouse Spiders (Male & female)
  • Daddy Long Leg Spiders
  • Garden Orb Weaving Spiders
  • St Andrews cross Spiders

Two spiders you need to keep an eye out for are the Funnel Web and Red Back.

Funnel-web spiders are a type of venomous spider native to the Sydney and Brisbane areas. Males are smaller than the females -- a little less than an inch long -- and tend to be very aggressive. This spider is shiny black, and has a dark purple-brown abdomen with reddish hairs. According to, the funnel-web carries one of the most dangerous toxins in the world. People who are bitten should seek medical attention immediately.

Male Funnel-web Spiders sometimes wander into buildings when they are searching for a mate, and sometimes find their way into clothing on the floor. The Sydney funnel-web spider bite is one of the most dangerous in the world. Bites can be fatal if not treated. An antivenom is available and no fatalities have been reported since its introduction. Seek medical treatment immediately if bitten.

Red-Back Spiders can be found in every area of Australia and is usually around 2 to 3 cm long including their legs. The red-back spider is a relative of the familiar black-widow spider. Red back spiders are Australia's best-known spiders. This species found all over the continent is Australia's most famous deadly spider. The red striped spider has neurotic venom that induces severe pain, however, deaths are rare. Thousands of people are bitten but only approximately 20% of the victims require treatment. Generally, the children and the elderly are the most exposed to the spider's threat. This is one of the few spider species that displays sexual cannibalism while mating.

Other spiders commonly found around the home is Huntsman Spider and the Daddy long-legs.

The huntsman spider is a large pale brown spider, approximately 10-18 mm in size. They are usually found on or around foliage in forest and woodland and your home. They like to eat insects that it ambushes. However should they bite you, their bite will cause local pain and swelling which can in most cases be alleviated with a cold compress.

Daddy Long legs has very long thin legs and is often seen in undisturbed areas in and around the house. When disturbed, the spiders vibrate their web. The spiders body is approximately 9mm with a leg span is about 5cm. They like to hide in undisturbed areas in houses and sheds where it builds fine tangled web. They like to eat insects and other spiders that get caught in its tangled web. The female may sometimes be found holding her eggs in her palps. Great news is that they are harmless to people.

And now that you are familiar with some of the spider species of Australia and how to identify the, a word of warning:

In case of spider bites - seek medical attention immediately and wherever possible without a personal risk, collect the spider for identification.

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