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There are over 400 species of cockroaches in Australia. Numerous introduced species have grown to be unwanted pests. Three of the most common pest cockroaches are the German cockroach, Australian cockroach and the American cockroach. 

The most common pest species of cockroaches encountered  around the house are the German cockroach, American cockroach and Australian cockroach.

The  German cockroach favours warm, moist areas where there is a good source of food. It is not uncommon to find German cockroaches infesting the electrical circuit boards of microwave ovens and around the elements of electric kettles. Where severe infestations have developed, these cockroaches will harbour in any electrical item like televisions and dvd players, often short circuiting the appliances and causing expensive damage.    

Did you know that cockroaches eat whatever you eat?

They love to eat food scraps and any organic matter. An unusual fact is that they even eat the binding of books. 

A number of health problems can be initiated by having cockroaches in your home. They carry numerous illnesses and can trigger bronchial asthma attacks. People vulnerable to allergic reactions will also be impacted by the existence of cockroaches. A misconception in the community is that cockroach contaminations are not dangerous to their family's health. Studies have found a variety of Salmonella bacteria naturally infecting cockroaches found in hospital wards and restaurants.

Cockroaches reproduce rapidly. Egg capsules can contain between 16-45 eggs depending on species. The incubation time is between 28-40 days. Nymphs (Baby Cockroaches) achieve maturity quickly. This reproduction capability  enables cockroach communities to increase rapidly and quickly get out of control.

Cockroaches spend a lot of time resting in cracks and voids. The majority of activity will occur during the night, when they feel safe to move around to look for water and food. The brown banded cockroach will be present in rooms other than the kitchen and bathroom as it does not require as much moisture as German cockroaches.

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